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About Us


Out of necessity comes an idea, and a responsibility to the customers who kept us atop the segment for so long.​

After twelve years of manufacturing Spinal Decompression tables for a company that was chiseled in the bedrock of the industry for nearly twice as long, came an untimely end. Since the late eighties, my family has brought the best solution for both lumbar and cervical pain that no one else could. Now for the first time since it began, our resources and support have been unavailable to the masses. 

My name is Chasen W. Dyer, and for over a decade I have been at the heart of the Decompression Industry. If you are using a unit from the leading manufacturer, I built it. Some of you may know me, because more than likely I also delivered it, if not, I've serviced it, or at least we've spoken over the phone. In some way, shape or form, I have had a hand in bringing the greatest technology available to you and those who need it. Recently I have heard from many of our patrons about the need for someone to supply the needs of the clients that had been left behind. Hence the reason for CDDG, a company founded to help the needs of the industry, and start the journey back to being the greatest solution for lumbar and cervical pain on the market.

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